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Our Mission

At Outdoor Family Fun, we give you real-world tips and ideas to help you make your home the best it can be. We can show you how to do things like decorate, garden, host parties, and fix things around the house in useful and right way.

Our ever growing team of expert writers have a lot of experience and knowledge + Experience in their fields. They include professional contractors, landscapers, chefs, agricultural engineer, permaculturist, marine biologist and well-known craft bloggers. We also care a lot about diversity, fairness, and including everyone.

Editorial Team

led by Industry Experts

We work hard to make sure our content is up-to-date, factually true, and focused on our readers. Our experts writers goes through a lot of training, does a lot of research, and worked in real-life situations. This helps us make sure the information we deliver you is factual.

Marcia Maio

Fun Loving Mom
Marcia Maio is a fun-loving mom who loves spending time in her backyard. She has years of experience in backyard fun activities, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others. She loves to host backyard parties and cookouts, and she always has a great time. Linda is also a great resource for tips and advice on backyard fun activities.

Brittany G.

Experienced Mother
Brittany is a single mother of three rambunctious boys. She’s been a homeschool mom for six years and in her free time enjoys yoga, rock climbing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. She also loves to cook, brew kombucha, and make all-natural household products. Some of her passions are researching and experimenting with anything having to do with physical and emotional health and well-being for kids and adults. She enjoys writing about anything that families can do together to get away from screens and stay healthy and active.

Our Advertising Policies

You'll notice that we have ads on our site. This is because we have to generate revenue to keep this useful resource alive. But we only recommend items that we love ourselves or that we think will really help our readers with their needs or situations.

We want to help every readers out, not make their lives harder. We know that money can be a stressor for everyone, so we try to make good suggestions.

We'll not ever take compensations from companies or brands to promote their products regardless of it's usefulness. So you can be confident that if we list things, there's a good reason for it. We will make it clear when we will get paid a commission for promoting a product.

To learn more, please read our disclosure and Privacy Policy Page

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