Trampoline Fun For The Entire Family & Friends

Marcia Maio 

Trampolines are a source of entertainment for people of all ages. They are a great way to release some energy, get some exercise, and they are a lot of fun. Because there are so many good things about trampolines, many people have opted to buy their own trampoline for their yards. Even though most at home trampolines do allow for hours of entertainment and exercise, everything has its expiration point, and you may find yourself reaching for other things to do with the trampoline to battle boredom. Trampolines can be quite pricey. So before you commit to such a big purchase you may want to make sure you can get your money's worth before you purchase one. So,

Here are some fun and family-friendly ideas to get the most out of your trampoline.

  • Beach Ball Blast

An easy and cost-effective way to have a great time by adding a new element to your trampoline is blowing up a beach ball and playing trampoline volleyball. Any beach ball will do. I suggest a beach ball because they are fairly light, so if someone gets hit, chances are it won't hurt too bad. Simply blow it up and let your family play a few rounds of volleyball. Split everyone into two teams, or, if one on one is easier, that works too. And, you simply take turns spiking your ball back and forth. Lots of fun!

  • Dance Party

dance party on trampoline


Just add a bluetooth speaker, and an instant party! You can play plenty of freeze dance, Simon says, or just dance and jump to music. If you're feeling like you really want a challenge, you can have the kids bring headphones, and do a silent disco on the trampoline. Add glow sticks at night for extra flair.

  • Jumping Water Balloon Battle

Again, this is an easy, cheap, and fun way to add a new twist to just jumping. Break out some water balloons, and have a game of water tag or just a plain old water balloon fight works too. Other ways to water play on the trampoline are adding a sprinkler. If you have a cover for your trampoline, you can wedge a sprinkler into the side and top and make yourself a fun mist tent. Just be sure to wipe up water if it begins to get too wet on your trampoline. Safety is a priority! Keep some towels handy! If you're worried about the mess of popped balloons, you can always opt for a trampoline water gun fight!

  • Monet, Did You Say?

Chalk, chalk, and more chalk!!!! That's right! It’s cheap and easy to clean up! Buy a bunch of chalk, it doesn't matter what kind, and let the budding artist create their best masterpieces. You can even use spray chalk, if you want to change it up a bit. When they are all finished, just wash your trampoline down, or bring out a bucket of water and some wash clothes and turn it into a fun game for the kids. Or, if art isn't your thing and you have a more competitive edge, you can draw a hopscotch board on your trampoline, and teach your kids hopscotch or tic tac toe works well also.

  • Glamping

You can totally turn your trampoline into a really awesome fort or even a tent for backyard camping! You can throw a bed sheet over top  and secure it with clothespins or buy a cover for it. Bring out some lanterns and flashlights or decorate with fairy lights for an added touch of special. You can cuddle up and tell scary stories, or set up a projector on the side of your trampoline backing it with a blanket or bed sheet.

  • Obstacle Course

If you're looking to tire your kids out, and are bored with just standard jumping you can set up a fun obstacle course using the trampoline.

There are also plenty of accessories available for a trampoline. Just doing some research I found plenty of cool items on sites like,, and

  • Light It Up sells LED trampoline lights to adorn the top of your trampoline. It's remote controlled and you can choose from 12 different colors, or flash from one to the next.

  • JumpFlex

JumpFlex is a brand that sells trampolines and accessories for trampolines. They have plenty of fun stuff on their website,, like a slide that connects to the side of the trampoline, a sprinkler that connects to a hose and fastened to the top of the trampoline a slide that affixes to entrance, a target practice set, a shade top for your trampoline, and a basketball hoop that connects to the top of your trampoline. They also sell LED lighted balls that you can use to turn your trampoline into a ball pit or use for a fun game of dodgeball.

  • Jumpsport sells plenty of fun accessories for your trampoline, geared more towards an athlete. There are plenty of basketball hoop sets for all different sizes. They also sell a weighted training bag that connects to the side of your trampoline for a great kickboxing workout, or a hanging bar to practice pull ups. You can order a bounce board for your trampoline, which looks like a snowboard, and try your hand at jumping with that. For an easier grab, they sell a  trampoline party pack complete with chalk, water balloons, tag balls, and much more.

To Sum Up

So, if you were contemplating buying a trampoline, I hope this article gave you some ideas and helped you visualize all the fun things you and your family can do with a trampoline, when plain old jumping gets boring, or if it's super hot out. Just make sure you always keep the safety of your family your first priority. Do not allow more than the suggested number of people to jump at the same time, and be sure to always maintain your trampoline for the best quality and longevity.

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